About us

"Elegance is my keyword" - Michel Mullèr

Strong personal artistic vision and excellent workmanship are characteristic of Michel Mullèr's work. Technique and elegance are put on the fore. His creations show both a very personal way of expression and a thorough knowledge of materials and floral techniques. The result is an oeuvre that dazzles with strong personality and artistic talent..

Michel Mullèr has a special view of freeze-dried materials and likes to express their specific traits in his compositions in a refined manner. His arrangements with the products are unique in the world. They are telling design objects that just ask to be cherished. Creative satisfaction is a kind of comfort. It is crucial to keep your approach to creations a critical one and not to be afraid to start again. This also creates a continuous process of innovation. Michel Mullèr extends the range of freeze-dried flowers. He is always looking for new flowers, new colours, new shapes ... An endless journey in creativity.